about me

I like each piece to tell a story about the people and events included in the subject material. Where possible, I enjoy incorporating vintage fabrics sourced from my local town. Sometimes my work is unashamedly nostalgic, but it always has heart!

I welcome commissions with prices given on request. The starting fee is generally £100 for hoop art, and £200 for approximate A3 size pieces of work. 

I'm currently working on a stiitched portrait of my gorgeous rescue dog, Ted (on the right)!

Hi! I'm a textile artist and illustrator, based between the seaside town of Penarth and my shop Sew Lovely in Barry. I’m fascinated by the past as a subject for embroidery art pieces, though I like to add a contemporary twist. 


I'm known for my collection of stitched pictures based on original sketches and photographs of scenes from Victorian and Edwardian Penarth. One of the pictures in this collection is of my old haberdashery shop in Glebe Street, just as it was in 1911! I've sold many pictures centred on this theme. I'm also a keen member of the Urban Sketchers group and love to record my daily life and anything that captures my interest through sketches.

I sometimes begin with old photographs, but more often my own sketches and watercolours. I then set about interpreting them using a combination of collage applique, free-motion, and hand embroidery techniques. The process requires a bit of research regarding period features, such as colours of clothing and buildings, or the style of typography on shop signs. Getting these tiny details right is all part of the fun. 

 © 2023 by Agatha Kronberg. Illustrations © 2020 Carol Bartlett

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